Ever heard of  Rachel Dealto ? Well, you probably havn’t . She’s an expert of flirting! No pun intended! She promises that “if you feel like your dating life is akin to climbing Mount Everest in your four-inch Manolos, you’re not alone.” While most women find flirting a major way to put yourself out there and grab a man, others (the more shy ones) never really understand the act. Yes! Flirting can be learned. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with flirting – if you are single! What’s the easiest way to give a guy the “it’s OK to approach me” sign ?… Eye contact and a smile are all it takes! Trust me when I say that most guys when they see a girl almost always want to talk to her! Now almost always here is an understatement! And why should anyone trust the validity of this article? Well simply because the writer (me ) is also a guy who wants to get laid (like any other guy out there). But the essence of flirting isn’t to get laid ,is it? No matter your (the girls) reason for flirting, whether to look for your ideal kind of guy or just to get laid (which I know is almost impossible), flirting has to be done right. Be sure not to send out the wrong signals.

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